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About Channel 82

Channel 82 is Bermuda’s leading local cable channel. Channel 82 showcases the Island’s culture, with full coverage of sports and major events. Shows are broadcasted 24/7 on the channel and shown online - connecting you to the events that matter most. Channel 82 began in 2008, when Lamone Woods and Kevin Mayes shared a vision to put more locals on television. They felt television was what made many stars abroad, and felt Bermudians should be recognised and uplifted in the same way, locally. The vision took shape online, in the form of Bermuda Sports Network (BSN) and showcased the Island’s major sporting events with interviews with the island's top athletes. In an effort to bring more recognition and credibility to the brand, an opportunity was seized to broadcast events on cable television. In 2010, Channel 82 was created through Cable Vision, and has been our home ever since. Beyond sports coverage, Channel 82 is using its presence to uplift not only Bermuda’s athletes, but to showcase the many people and events in the community.

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